'Thank you for giving him the gift of life,' says Leonito's nurse

Leonito and nurse Antonieta
Leonito and nurse Antonieta Chung

The story of Leonito's journey to health has touched many people, including the nursing staff at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, where he had his double valve replacement surgery last week.

One of the nursing staff contacted us to pass on this beautiful photo and message: "I'm a nurse (originally from Timor) working at The Royal Melbourne Hospital. I had the pleasure of looking after Leonito Carlos as my patient. He has made an amazing recovery thanks to the generosity of so many people. Thank you for giving him the gift of life."

Our thanks to Nurse Antonieta and all of the staff at Royal Melbourne Hospital for their care.

Leonito returns to Timor-Leste tomorrow, and now he has his whole life ahead of him.


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