Successful Dili clinics: latest news from Dr Noel

The ETHF volunteer medical team

I am just back from a very good trip to Dili.
We did clinics for two days at Bairo Pite Clinic, with great support from social worker Alarico da Conceicao, a constant presence now for years, and a good friend to ETHF.

My life was made much easier by the input of Julie Kean, one of our board members, who came along and not only transformed the usually rather chaotic clinic into an orderly process (we had in trays and out trays!) but also put in a huge effort to get the records of current and previous patients properly filed.
Future clinics will now be much more organised.
Two excellent Deakin University medical students, Bec Meltzer and Odette Rodda, and one of our junior medical staff, Alex, were also a huge help and, I hope, learned a good bit of cardiology.
We saw a lot of patients over the two days. It was such a pleasure to see so many of our patients who've had surgery doing very well. It was a special pleasure to see Arminda blossoming after her mitral valve balloon procedure earlier in the year. She's gone from a very ill young girl to a normal life.
We identified two new patients for surgery in Australia, one a mitral valve replacement, the other, like Arminda, a mitral balloon. We'll have more news on them shortly.
The trip was hard work for everyone concerned, but I think we all came away content both with what we've achieved so far, and with what lies before us.

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