Hello Marta! Our new patient is on the way

We are so excited here at East Timor Hearts Fund HQ, as we put the finishing touches on the arrangements for the arrival of our next patient, Marta, 16, who departs Dili for Melbourne tomorrow.

As always, getting a patient to Australia and successfully treated is a big group effort, involving our friends at Bairo Pite Clinic in Dili; our sponsor Toll Remote Logistics, which has arranged transport for Marta, her sister Celestine, and the dedicated Fatima, from Bairo Pite Clinic; sponsor Macquarie Telecom, which is financially supporting Marta's operation and last but by no means least, the wonderful folk at Royal Melbourne Hospital.


Please watch the page for further information, and feel free to leave your messages of support in the comments below (we'll make sure Marta sees them).

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