Too big to care? Not us!

Happy Christmas from East Timor Hearts Fund

Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting to one of our foundation donors. "Maree" sent money to help our first patients, Flavia and Ursula, in 2010, after reading newspaper reports about their plight, and Dr Noel's work in Timor-Leste. She has been with us ever since. "Maree" said she felt a real joy in contributing in our early days but having read our newsletter and seen that East Timor Hearts Fund is, in her words, "coming ahead in leaps and bounds", she wondered whether her small contributions were still needed. My answer - yes!! While we aspire in coming years to help even more young people with life-threatening heart disease, we hope we will never get so big that we disregard those kind people whose early show of faith (and ongoing generosity) have allowed us to get established and save lives since 2010. Are we too big to need and value your support? Definitely not. We need it now more than ever.

Ingrid Svendsen, chair, East Timor Hearts Fund

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