Meet our finance gurus!

Our new finance director and company secretary Philip Fitzpatrick is East Timor Hearts Fund's man of the moment. Along with our finance team, Philip is hard at work on our first ever audited financial statement, which we will be publishing just as soon as we get the tick of approval from our auditor, James Ridley of Advantage Advisors Audit.

East Timor Hearts Fund incorporated as a company a little over a year ago, so we're enormously proud of the volunteer finance team we have assembled and the work they do to give our donors and supporters confidence in our organisation.

As well as Philip, a not for profit and audit whiz who works for Deloitte, the team includes Naida Beltrame, also a chartered accountant at Deloitte and an NFP specialist. 

Supporting Philip is our volunteer accountant Haiyan Wang, who works for our partner, leading law firm Russell Kennedy.

Philip, Haiyan and Naida do a brilliant job in making sure our finances are well managed, and that means peace of mind for you our supporters. 

But there's more to our finance team than slaving over the books – in their spare time they cycle, play badminton, pursue photography and more. We love them so much we've given them their own page on our website. Click here to read their profiles.

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