Off to Timor-Leste for Dr Noel and the team

Lucas and Dr Noel

It's an exciting week with our honorary medical adviser Dr Noel Bayley and our volunteer medical team heading off to Timor-Leste for another round of screening clinics. 

The team, which includes Deakin University medical students James Bowles and Stefanie Hammond, will be doing two days of clinics at our partner in Dili, Bairo Pite Clinic. They will be screening potential patients to find candidates suitable for surgery in Australia, and also checking up on previous patients to make sure that their recovery is on track. 

ETHF board director Julie Kean is also part of the team. She'll be using her legendary organisational skills to make sure that the medicos can get through their extremely heavy patient load on Friday and Monday.

Our chair Ingrid Svendsen will also be in Dili for government meetings and may pop past as well. And in a bit of added excitement, a crew from Seven News are going to be paying us a visit, as part of a story they are doing on our next patient, sixteen year old Lucas.

So much going on! Please keep an eye on this blog or our Facebook page or Twitter profile for more news from Timor-Leste.

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