A message from Dr Noel in Dili: 'Take a bow!'

Leonito and med student Steph

Hi ETHF supporters and friends,
I am in Dili at present undertaking screening clinics at our local partner Bairo Pite Clinic, with Deakin medical students Steph and James, and board member Julie Kean. Julie has made the very busy clinics on Friday and Saturday run like clockwork. Another scheduled for Monday, looking to be very busy indeed!
Our board chair, Ingrid Svendsen, also came to Dili to help out.
We had the real delight of seeing a number of our operated patients, including Leonito and Marciano, both recipients of two new valves, a major, life changing procedure, and both doing very well indeed, back to normal lives. Plus lots of beneficiaries of less formidable but equally beneficial procedures. Seeing them so healthy and happy really makes it all worthwhile.
This is all possible because you support us...so take a bow.
More news soon.


Dr Noel Bayley, honorary medical adviser, East Timor Hearts Fund

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