A moving story about old friends

Jaimie and Perry from Toll Remote Logistics

Every now and then people come into your world and they really change your life. That's the case with our great friends at Toll Remote Logistics. Three years ago when we were just getting started Toll Remote Logistics was the first company to get behind us. They were in Timor-Leste at the time providing logistical support for the Australian Defence Forces stationed there. Initially with the approval of the ADF Toll Remote Logistics flew our patients to Australia using surplus seats on their regular Darwin-Dili Army flights. When the ADF went home last year, Toll Remote Logistics reduced its operations in Timor-Leste to a small presence, and we feared it would be the end of a beautiful friendship. But Toll has stood by us, and they now pay for commercial flights for our patients. We are so immensely grateful, and particularly to regional manager defence and government Perry Singh, our biggest advocate, and the frighteningly efficient Jaimie Reisima, who takes care of all of our travel bookings.


PS: Our next patient Lucas, his mum Elda and Alarico from Bairo Pite Clinic arrive next Wednesday. Thanks Toll Remote Logistics.

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