From phone cards to fish soup - our patient support team makes it happen

Today's big ETHF shout out is to our patient support team, the hard working and resourceful bunch who organise all manner of things to make the visit less stressful for our patients. Over recent weeks the team - Timorese-born board member and patient support coordinator Ana Saldanha; patient support officer Katie McKenzie; and Timorese born volunteer Tomasia Fernandes-Gutterres - have been hard at work getting arrangements in place for our next patient Lucas, 15, who arrives tomorrow.

Ana, Katie and Tomasia arrange everything from taxis, hotels, phone re-charges to hospital visitors, activities and even the occasional bowl of fortifying home made água-sál ikan (fish soup).

Read all about them on here, and if you love their work as much as we do, please leave a message below or on our Facebook page to let them know.

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