Brauer College students kicking in for Lucas

Braeur College students and Dr Noel

Dr Noel had some special visitors this morning. Students from Brauer College in Warrnambool, Victoria, Dr Noel's home town, dropped by with a gift for Lucas. The year 8 biology class have been following Lucas's case, learning about healthy heart and lung function and studying ASD or hole in the heart, the condition that Lucas was born with. The students have been so inspired by Lucas's story that they raised money to buy him a soccer ball, which thanks to his operation he'll soon be well enough to use. 

Our big thanks to all of the year 8 biology class, including Lewis Campbell-Gavin, Bronte Baker, Grace Bell and Chloe Lovell (pictured) and their teacher Delia Jenkins. 

Dr Noel will give the ball to Lucas, and a note from the students translated into Tetum, when he next visits.

Our sincere thanks to this great group of students for their touching and compassionate gesture.

Please contact us if your school would like to get involved in supporting our work.

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