Home with new heart, bye bye Tomas and Nina

Tomas and Nina

Our patients Tomas and Nina are about to board their flight back to Timor-Leste. What an action packed trip it has been! Their first ever fun run, making headlines in the newspapers and of course a life-saving heart procedure for Tomas. They'll never forget the experience, and neither will we.

Before he left Tomas asked us to pass on a message: "No amount of money could ever repay what the team at MonashHeart and East Timor Hearts Fund have done for me. I can only pray for you all so that you have prosperity and health always."

We'd like to thank all who donated to the $20k for Tomas appeal. We're still doing the final totals, but we made our target, and raised enough to offer treatment to another patient. So stand by for news on that!


Bon voyage Tomas and Nina, and thank you.

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