Our right hand man!


There are a lot of totally indispensable people in our East Timor Hearts Fund world, and none more so than our right hand man Alarico da Conceicao, a social worker with our partner Bairo Pite Clinic. He assists with organising the clinics that Dr Noel and our volunteer medical team run in Dili; deals with no end of paperwork and headaches to arrange visas and passports for our patients; and perhaps most importantly, accompanies our patients to Australia. He's been numerous times now with Leonito, Lucas and many more patients. For our patients experiencing the stress of major surgery and the shock of a new country, Alarico is a lifeline, interpreting, explaining, arranging, always by their side. He has a young family and work and study commitments of his own, so coming to Australia several times a year is a big sacrifice. Thank you just isn't enough but it will have to do.

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