An emotional journey for our sponsor Macquarie Telecom

Mactel meets Evangelina

Patient Evangelina today received a visit from our sponsor Macquarie Telecom. CEO David Tudehope and a team from the telco are in Timor-Leste, getting a first hand view of our work. This morning's highlight was a visit to see our volunteer medical team in action doing screening clinics at our partner Bairo Pite Clinic, and meeting mother of three Evangelina. Evangelina will be having surgery in Australia later this year, with financial assistance from Macquarie Telecom. The Mactel team will also meet previous patients that we have partnered to assist, including Lucas, the 14 year old who got his dream of playing soccer again after surgery in Melbourne earlier in the year.

It's going to be an emotional and action packed visit for the Mactel team. We thank them for their commitment in travelling to Timor-Leste to see our work.

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