'I feel like a new person already!'


Agripino is out of ICU following yesterday's heart surgery and already well enough to be asking our patient support coordinator Ana for Timorese fish soup!
Agripino works on a coffee plantation to support his family and said his heart disease made every day a struggle. Now he is confident of a normal life.
"I feel like a new person already! I can breathe so much easier now, and don't feel so tired," he told Ana.
"I am looking forward to going back home to play with my one year old son.
"Thank you so much for giving me a second chance in life. I am forever grateful for everything that ETHF and everyone involved has done for me, and the previous patients
"Thank you ETHF, Royal Melbourne Hospital staff and everyone that has helped save my life. May God bless you all!"
And thanks to you, our supporters, whose generosity allows us to help patients like Agripino.


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