The healing power of Timorese fish soup!


Our cardiologists and surgeons are amazing, but we never doubt the healing powers of a good bowl of Agua-Sal ikan (Timorease fish soup). In this case made by our patient support coordinator Ana Saldanha. Agripino, who had heart surgery at Royal Melbourne Hospital on Wednesday, continues to make a great recovery. While he was more interested in the soup than chatting, he did pause to say: "I am feeling so much better. Better then yesterday. I can't believe I was able to walk on my own this morning and without feeling tired and breathless! The nurses and doctors are really nice and so caring. Thank you all once again."

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    Eveline Goy (Wednesday, 08 October 2014 12:17)

    I think that the almost magical powers of E. Timorese fish soup are so underestimated and overlooked that this situation should be repaired. Please help us to widely distribute this recipe, starting by making known all the ingredients required and the processes involved. This is the soup that could save the world, and I do not speak in jest as my dear husband, unfortunately, requires daily medication for heart problems and I believe that his health would be improved with the East Timor fish soup!