Tears and applause for Jeca's dream

Victoria University health forum

Jeca, Marquita and our patient support coordinator and board director Ana Saldanha were guests at a forum on health needs in Timor-Leste at Victoria University in Melbourne last night. Ana made a presentation about our work. We were quite chuffed when one of the presenters, Professor Benjamin Corte-Real from the National University of Timor-Leste (who also works in the office of the president), said: "I personally think (I am sure that everyone here in this room feels the same way) that Ms Saldanha and ETHF are doing such an amazing work to save the lives of those in need of a new heart! May God bless you always, and may you continue to do the work you are doing. Thank you so much."
But the real highlight was the thunderous applause when Ana told the crowd of Jeca's dream to be a doctor. There were lots of tears!
A big thanks to the organisers for having us along, to Jeca and Marquita for sharing their story, and to our patient support coordinator extraordinaire Ana, for sharing our successes.

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