'I swear she's grown 25cm!'

A message from Dr Noel

Hi all from Dili
A tired but happy team , with a short clinic tomorrow before we fly back to Oz.
We've seen a bit over 100 patients over three days of clinics.
About 50 new referrals, the rest patients who've already had procedures (all with outstanding results, both technically and in terms of quality of life), and patients we're monitoring until they need intervention.
Some of you may remember Arminda, the frail, very ill little girl who was featured on the front page of The Sunday Age before her mitral valve balloon. She's now in robust health , I swear she's grown 25 cm!
She caused us enormous anxiety at the time of her procedure, amply repaid by the result, as you can see from this photo.
You can read more about Arminda's journey to health, and view our volunteer photographer Mat Lynn's moving photos, in The Sunday Age.

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