'The best result in 10 years,' says Dr Noel

Dr Noel says...

Well, we've had some remarkable results over the years with balloon procedures for severe mitral valve narrowing, but Martinho ( and Rick Harper and his team) take the cake.

I dropped in to MonashHeart this morning, and happened to wander into the echo lab while Martinho was having his post procedure echo.

When I saw him in Dili, he had incredibly severe disease, and would undoubtedly have died in the next year or so.

Today, his valve disease is mild, and the back pressure on the right side of his heart has diminished to a truly remarkable degree.

Best result, I think, I've seen in more than 10 years of doing this.

So we're pretty chuffed.

I think Martinho will be too, next time he tries to walk up a hill!

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