'Everything will work out for the best,' says Rita.

Rita and Martinho arrived in Australia a week ago, both expecting to have mitral balloon procedures at MonashHeart​ soon after. While Martinho continues to make a fantastic recovery after his procedure, treatment for Rita has been delayed. Due to an unforeseen medical factor she will need to have a course of medication, and then come back to Australia in September to have her heart valve fixed. Rita, a schoolteacher who has seven children, was devastated at first, and lots of tears were cried. But she's now feeling positive, strengthened by the care and support she's received.

"I feel that I have been blessed in the sense that I've been given this opportunity to come to Australia to receive the treatment and that I know my surgery will now be in September," Rita told us.

"I feel positive that everything will work out for the best and I know that I am in God's hands and in a good care from the doctors and everyone involved.

"Obrigada barak ETHF. May you continue to save more lives." 

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