A bowlful of love for Rita

When you're feeling poorly, nothing beats a restoring bowl of soup. And especially when it's cooked with love! 
Our patient Rita's heart procedure was meant to happen last week, but she is in hospital and taking a course of medication for an issue that needs to be resolved before she can have the mitral balloon procedure.
But Martinho, who had his procedure as scheduled last Thursday, is now fighting fit. And it turns out he's an ace cook. So he whipped up Rita's favourite dish, sasoro, a soup of watercress, rice, ginger and lemongrass. And as you can see after just one spoon Rita rallied immediately! 
It's been a testing time for Rita made a little easier by the support and love shown by Martinho, and the wonderful Dezio, the health support worker and interpreter from Bairo Pite Clinic who accompanied the pair to Australia. 
If you'd like to leave a cheering message for Tia Rita or, a pat on the back for our two men of steel, Dezio and Martinho, please post here! We'll make sure they see them.

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