'When I feel better I would like to go back to school'

Life’s been tough for our latest patient Veronica, 18, who arrives in Melbourne later tonight. Her mum passed away when Veronica was two years old. Caring for her siblings and disabled father in their mountain village has meant Veronica has missed out on schooling. Her heart disease (she has ASD, commonly known as a “hole in the heart”) makes doing her daily chores exhausting and painful. 

But things are looking up for Veronica. With her brother now helping to care for the family, she is in Dili with her uncle, where she may be able to go to school. She now has dreams for the future, some big, and some small. “When I feel better, I would like to go to school, help my uncle's wife do the cooking and washing, and also playing,” she told us.

We’ll be helping make those dreams come true!

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