'A new and happy heart'

Early tomorrow morning Martinho flies out. A new life awaits since his heart procedure at MonashHeart​ three weeks ago. Last night he enjoyed a farewell dinner, and he asked us to pass on this message:

"Before I go back to my dear homeland Timor-Leste from the bottom of my heart I would like extend my sincere thank you to East Timor Hearts Fund, MonashHeart and Monash Medical Centre and everyone that helped save my life.

"Prior to my surgery I was very sick. I was always short of breath; I had severe pain on my chest; I was always very tired, to the point that I had to give up my job.

"The worst part was that I couldn't look after my family and it hurt me so much that I couldn't even play with my three little children.

"Since the surgery I am now able to walk very long distances without feeling short of breath! I cannot wait to go back to Timor and enjoy my new life with a new and happy heart!

"May God bless you always. Obrigadu barak."

** We're raising $20,000 to give another patient the same opportunity that Martinho has had. You can donate here.

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