Our volunteer medical team hard at work in Timor-Leste

An update from Dr Noel

Hi all, from hot and steamy Dili,

We had a great clinic today, our first day in Timor-Leste.

The team worked very hard; with cardiac ultrasounds conducted on 36 patients.

The system ran like a well-oiled machine, reflecting the hard yards put in over the last few months by volunteer administrators Liam and Julie.

Having two cardiologists in our volunteer medical team also makes a big difference. Simon Eggleton, our new team member, made a huge contribution with his speed and accuracy.

As always we have the absolute delight of seeing so many of our post op patients entirely well, after being mortally ill when they first presented.

This is hugely satisfying for us all, and absolute assurance of the value of what we do.

We have identified a significant number of new patients, with seven requiring open heart surgery, some urgently.

To add some intellectual excitement, we saw a couple of patients with very rare, but entirely remediable, problems.

Today was a challenging, and I hope enjoyable, introduction to developing world cardiology for our Deakin University med students, Susan and Tom.

It will be another long day tomorrow but tough to top today's performance!

Thanks to you all for your interest and support.

- Dr Noel Bayley, honorary medical adviser

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