Welcome home!

An update from Dr Noel

Hello all,

The volunteer medical team is back in Australia, enroute to our usual jobs. We are tired but fulfilled.

We screened a record 115 patients. Around 10 will need surgical intervention, some asap, some less urgently over the course of the year.

We're confident we'll get all the cases done this year, with the help of our hospital partners.

The availability of more funds and more health partners has dramatically enhanced our ability to deliver care, which has allowed us to schedule many more patients for surgery. So your support is literally saving lives.

As well as new patients we also saw many previously operated on patients, all of whom are doing well. That, of course, is the bit we all enjoy most.

Particularly striking is the impact of successful intervention in younger patients. They're typically small for age, even by Timorese standards, and often quite wasted before their operation. Afterwards, they go through the most astonishing growth spurt.

Our next round of clinics will be in June, and then October.

By increasing the frequency we have hopes of ensuring earlier referral, and hopefully lower risk procedures.

Thank you for your generous support,

Dr Noel Bayley, honorary medical adviser

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