Week 2: 'It gets easier'

After running a half marathon way back in October 2015, it's amazing how your fitness can drop off a cliff in a few months. I used to punch out 10k runs like it was nothing and now even a 4k easy run wears me ragged. It was good to remind myself of the "Newbie DOMS" you get on your first run and your thighs ache for three days.  

Here's how week 1 shaped up:

Monday: 1 hour walk around Edinburgh Gardens.

Tuesday: Got a crown put in (this doesn't have anything to do with training but it took nearly three hours so I will fish for sympathy at every opportunity).

Wednesday: Easy run 25 minutes to Edinburgh Gardens and back.

Thursday: Nothing: I was supposed to walk but I had to attend a trade show from 5-9PM. I did stand around for that time drinking red wine so I'm sure it contributed something to my match fitness? Important to note is most training programs have a weekly "Long Run" usually on a Saturday/Sunday. The long run is the only day you really can't skip.Missing the odd midweek session is much less disastrous.

Friday: Off.

Saturday (Today): Attended the "Timorese Tuesdays" launch event at Down to Earth Coffee and Tea House, then did a 35 minute run along the Capital City Trail to Nicholson Street and back (photo taken at the halfway point).

It's by no means too late to start training, register for Run Melbourne and help us raise money to fund more life-saving surgery. Click here for instructions on how to join our team!


And for further inspiration, here is some wisdom from Netflix's adult cartoon series, Bojack Horseman:

Until next time, happy running!


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