Week 3: Mixing it up with dodgy socks, electro cardio and burritos

Hi all,

I've been mixing it up this week, with training, food and music.

I started on Sunday with 40 minutes of cross-training I ended up doing some kettlebell swings, which is great for strength, aerobics and flexibility. If you don’t know what a kettlebell is, it’s like a cannonball with a handle. I felt great the next day, because it really is a full body workout!

Monday was easy with 30 mins walking.  Since I work from home, the family and I went for a walk down to Edinburgh Gardens and back.

Tuesday off; Wednesday was supposed to be an easy run, but I didn’t do it, so on Thursday, I did an easy (30 minute) run, which was still pretty painful but it means I’m going to be slightly fitter next time. The trick is to maintain consistency and slowly improve.

Some tips to make running more fun:

  • The “Electronic Cardio” station on Pandora Radio (Just download the Pandora app)
  • Wearing socks related to financial fraud (I sell cybersecurity software and this was a giveaway at a recent trade show).
  • Rice burrito bowl (easily converted to vegetarian, just add more beans. Plant-based diets apparently aid recovery.)

Friday I have off so I’m looking forward to Saturday’s long run and Sunday’s cross-training!


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Until next time, happy running!


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