Week 4: Beating that guy on the couch

Hi everyone,

So week four felt like a bit of a miss even though I got the main sessions out of the way, in between some boozy lunches, early starts and early nights, I struggled to hit all the required sessions.

Saturday Long, painful run. I actually went backwards in my fitness from when I began. Lesson learned, improvement never happens in a straight line. I did manage to cajole my neighbour to join me, I think he felt good about how well he ran compared to me.

Sunday Light crosstrain with kettlebells again.  Wasn’t a full 40 minutes but at least it was something.

Monday - Wednesday Recovery and general exhaustion.

Thursday 40 minute run with my neighbour around Yarra Bend Park. It felt great, best run so far this training plan! It just goes to show if you laze around for a few days and do nothing you run better than ever!

I'm travelling to Perth next week so I’d better pack my shoes and take some snaps while running along the Swan River.

I was going to take a group selfie with my neighbour but forgot to (or maybe he didn’t want to be associated with me, we’ll never know). One thing I did remind myself of, was that no matter how slow you’re running, you’re still beating everyone on the couch (like the guy in this photo, who I must point out is not me!).

Until next time, happy running!


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