New Heart for Paulo appeal

Paulo, 13, has Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome. It’s like a short circuit in the heart – some faulty wiring that causes his heart to race crazily.

Although Paulo loves going to school and playing soccer with his friends, he is increasingly sidelined by his heart problems. As Paulo explains: “Since I have heart disease, I can feel my heart working too fast. I feel breathless, and have dizziness, headaches, sweating and it’s hard to sleep at night. I am really sad because of it.”

Our volunteer medical team diagnosed Paulo’s condition during clinics in Dili in March. And now, we have arranged for Paulo to have a high-tech heart procedure in Australia to fix his condition.

In early July Paolo will travel to Melbourne with his mum Regina, to have the procedure. A catheter will be inserted through a vein and into his heart, and the bad wiring removed. Afterwards, Paulo will be able to return to school and play soccer again.

We’ve launched the New Heart for Paulo fundraising appeal to give our supporters the opportunity to help raise $20,000 for Paulo’s treatment procedure.

Here are some ways you can help:

You can meet Paulo at Run Melbourne on 24 July, as well as previous patient Melinda, who is coming all the way from Timor-Leste to run with us. Come and meet living proof of the difference our work is making!

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