Week 8: On the juice


Hi all,

After smashing 7 km on Sunday I felt up to a recovery run on Monday, doing 5km at a 7:43 min pace, followed by some kettlebells for additional strength training.

Tuesday I just did kettlebells, and Wednesday I rested. Thursday morning I felt the hangover of muscle soreness from my first day off in a few days, but I felt good enough in the afternoon for a 5km run where my pace improved slightly to 7:32.

That’s all it takes, just trying to get a bit better every day.

I have definitely cut back on my alcohol intake, and cleaned up my diet also. Thursday morning I made some fresh juice with celery, beetroot, carrot and apple, and I had yoghurt and granola for breakfast. Maybe that’s why I felt so great Thursday afternoon?

The downside of making your own juice, though is the cleanup. Real life definitely does not look like this video!

With 6 weeks training to go, I feel like I’m ahead of the curve, hopefully on the longer runs I can use my stockpile of caffeinated energy gels, which are the nutritional opposite of fresh juice.

Until next time, happy running!



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