Week 10: Out of pocket but on pace

Hi all,

My week 10 Thursday steak dinner ended up turning into a lot of late night drinks with a client, so after resting on Friday I decided to dry out with my usual long run which resulted in a less than adequate performance – only 6KM at a 7:55 pace. Clearly I paid for it with my excesses.

I followed that on Sunday with a hard kettlebell workout which left me sore on Monday morning.  Not to be deterred I got back out running on Monday, trying out some new running shorts I bought. Unfortunately I didn’t notice they only came with a single pocket far too small to carry my phone (which is also my music player and tracking device). The photo gives you the idea:

So I had to go for an unplugged run with just a key to get back into my house, but it did give me an opportunity to focus on my technique, and funnily enough my 5km planned run turned into a 6km with a very strong pace (which I didn’t measure but could feel.) Success!

I followed that with two rest days (unplanned) but got back in the saddle Thursday with another hard kettlebell workout. Hopefully I can go for 8km+ distance on the weekend with nicely rested joints.

Given it is only six days until the end of financial year, it would be remiss of me not to mention our DGR status (every donation over $2 is tax deductible) and the fact that our social return on investment study found that every $1 invested in our program produces $9 worth of health and social benefit to East Timorese. What an excellent deal!

Until next time, happy running!


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