Week 11: Getting your groove on, Soviet style

Hi all,

I kicked off Friday with more kettlebells - because I work from home I keep an 8kg weight in my office so I can do sets during the day. This concept is called “Greasing the Groove” and popularised by Pavel Tsatsouline, a fitness instructor from the former Soviet Union, who now lives in America.

This made me good and sore on Saturday (which is always a good sign as it means the muscle fibres in your body have broken down and will heal stronger than they were before). But it would be remiss of me not to mention that my weight has actually gone up since I started training - from 83kg to a peak of 87kg (86kg as of Friday morning). I can assure you this is not extra muscle.

But despite the extra cargo my pace is slowly improving as I regain my cardiac fitness, especially during this wonderfully crisp winter weather. I did an extremely rough 6km on Saturday at a 7:55 pace, 7km on Sunday at a 7:43 pace, and 5.67km on Tuesday with a 7:31 pace that felt especially great.

 I continued to do kettlebells on the off days.

Thursday was supposed to be a run but the wild Melbourne weather was brutal, and I decided to take a rest day and try again on the weekend.


Until next time, happy running!


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