Thumbs up for Paulo

A smile and a big thumbs up from 13 year old Paulo, after a successful heart procedure at Barwon Health this morning.

Paulo told us he was feeling better already, and looking forward to "doing all the things I couldn't do before".

Cardiologist and electrophysiologist Dr Daryl Ridley performed the delicate and technically complex cardiac ablation procedure, removing "faulty wiring" that has made Paulo's heart race wildly. Paulo can now look forward to school, soccer and a normal childhood.

Ecstatic mum Regina said: "I can see the changes in Paulo already. He looks much better and he is very happy."

We join Regina and Paulo in thanking Barwon Health, Bairo Pite Clinic and our patient support volunteers, who have been by Paulo and Regina's side throughout.

Our special fundraising appeal is still open. You can celebrate Paulo's new heart by making a donation here.

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