Week 12: When a plan comes together

Hi all,

I’m now three weeks away from Run Melbourne, and I’m finally hitting a sub 7 minute pace. After being at a plateau for a few weeks, I enjoyed a sudden surge in my performance, my legs feel lighter, and my form seems to have improved. It’s good to see a sudden reward after months of hard work.

This reminded me of the experience I had doing a half marathon last year - despite the level of commitment required, I found a plan, followed it to the letter, and came out properly prepared. It’s no different to saving for retirement, completing a university degree, or baking a cake.

Friday I had another rest day, then I did a 7k on Saturday at a pace of 7:15. I hit the kettlebells hard (wasn’t sore the next day though - time to up the weight), then 5km on Monday at a 6:51 pace.

I did another heavy kettlebell session Tuesday, rested Wednesday, and did another 5km with the same 6:51 pace on Thursday.

Everything’s coming together.

Until next time, happy running!


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