An update from Dr Noel - a great result for Olga

****An update from Dr Noel****

Good evening all,

Olga Kotens had her mitral balloon procedure, performed this afternoon at Royal Melbourne Hospital by Dr Will Wilson and his team.

Olga had a very severely narrowed mitral valve, consequent on previous rheumatic heart disease.

When I saw her recently in Dili, she was very unwell, with severe symptoms of breathlessness and fatigue. Without early intervention, she would have died in the near future.

Her procedure today went extremely well; the post-operative echo shows a dramatic drop in the pressure across the valve. 

This will translate (immediately) into resolution of her symptoms, and in the longer term, likely normal life expectancy.

This picture (with her mother Ligia) was taken this evening; Olga is feeling much better already. 

This is a hugely rewarding result for all involved. Our thanks to Will and his expert team.

Dr Noel Bayley

Honorary medical adviser

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