Week 14: See you at Run Melbourne!

Hi all,

Race day is finally upon us on Sunday. I'm using this week to taper off and carb up for the 10k.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at the event, so please come past our marquee and say hi. We'll be doing a big team photo at 8.30am, so hope you can come a little earlier to be in that.

For those who are running and walking here is the timetable for the 5k and 10k:

  •  8:45am: Bulk Nutrients 10km run warm up, Main Stage
  • 9:15am: Bulk Nutrients 10km run starts, St Kilda Road
  • 10:00am: Runner’s World 5km run/walk warm up Main Stage
  • 10:30am: Runner’s World 5km run/walk starts, St Kilda Road

I went through my running data since I started training three months ago. In all I recorded 27 separate sessions for a total distance of 149km  that’s roughly the distance from Melbourne to Morwell!

Thanks for following my blog. I hope sharing the training journey has provided some fun, and ideally motivation.

Good luck to all those running this Sunday.



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