An outstanding result for Eufrasia

***An update from Dr Noel***


Good evening all,

We've had what looks like an outstanding result with our patient, Eufrasia.

She had severely leaky aortic and mitral valves, and the resultant increased load on the main pumping chamber of her heart, the left ventricle, led it to progressively expand in size, and to fail.

She was, as a consequence, faced with disabling fatigue and breathlessness, and without surgery, early death.

Cardiac surgeon Michael O'Keefe and the team at RMH successfully repaired both valves today.

In East Timor, no treatment was available.

In Australia, traditionally, the valves would have been replaced.

To repair the valves, with what looks like an excellent functional result, is the ideal outcome in a young woman.

Our organisation has been an enthusiastic supporter of the RMH’s cutting edge valve repair program.

We're seeing the results in Eufrasia's outcome.

Our thanks to Michael, and to all involved at RMH.

We'll keep you posted.

– Dr Noel Bayley, honorary medical adviser

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