'I can't wait to come to Australia!'

Dear friends,

Our Mend Alia’s Broken Heart crowdfunding campaign has now concluded. 

Our volunteer medical team, Dr Noel Bayley and Dr Alan Appelbe, have given Alia her final checkup, and confirmed that she is set to come to Australia for her surgery.  This is a truly fantastic outcome for Alia, who aspires to finish school and be a doctor, so she can help others with life-threatening heart disease.

Final preparations are now underway for Alia to come to Australia, along with her mum Octavia, and a health support worker/interpreter. If you have not done so already, please subscribe to our e-news for the latest on Alia, and other occasional updates on our work, or follow our Facebook page.

We caught up with Alia and Octavia, and told them how people all over Australia were donating so that Alia gets the care she needs.

Please watch the video below to see their reaction!

After living with debilitating symptoms for so long, Alia is understandably thrilled that medical help is at hand, as is her whole family.

Alia told us: "I can't wait to come to Australia." Octavia said: "Thank you for helping my daughter. I am so happy now. Thanks Australia!"

Our campaign raised more than $29,000 – way in excess of our original $20,000 target! This is great news for Alia, and for the other young patients on our waiting list. It’s also a tribute to the generosity and support of all of the people who donated to ensure that Alia gets the care she needs, and shared her story, to let more people know about our work.

Obrigada barak (thank you very much)!


Ingrid, on behalf of the Mend Alia's Broken Heart campaign team

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