An update from Dr Noel in Dili

***An update from Dr Noel in Dili*****

Hi from Dili,

Today the team had an interesting trip to Suai, around 140 kilometres southwest of the capital.

On the flight there we had beautiful weather. On the way back, there was lowish cloud, and our plane threaded through the fairly small gap between the clouds and the hilltops.

Our clinics were again very busy indeed. We saw quite a range of patients, in age and disease. These included quite a few small children with inoperable cyanotic congenital heart disease, so called "blue babies". In these cases we can offer only an accurate diagnosis and support.

But we also saw a number of children and young adults who we can offer a return to health and a positive future. There's always the mix.

It was a day very well spent.

After three extremely busy days, we’re all a little worn, and we still have a couple more to go.

The team works like clockwork. There’s a great sense of fellowship and purpose.

– Dr Noel Bayley, honorary medical adviser

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