An update from Dr Noel in Dili: 'A special trip'

An update from Dr Noel in Dili

Hi all,

We've arrived at the end of our latest screening visit.

Most of the team went back to Darwin last night; clinic administrator Nicki Mock and I stayed to do the final clinic, with Dr Andre Monteiro, East Timor's only cardiologist, at Guido Valadares National Hospital.

That turned out to be quite busy and well worthwhile. We saw two young people with very severe mitral stenosis, who are very suitable for curative intervention in Australia with balloon procedures.

Overall, we've identified about a dozen new patients requiring surgical treatment, a mixture of adults and children. Some we will be able to arrange treatment for in Australia; and some will be referred to ROMAC, the Rotary children’s medical organisation.

It's been a special trip, with around 200 patients seen. Other highlights:

- We installed Timor’s first coronary care unit, and a variety of other donated cardiac equipment.

- Gordon Szegi, the biomedical engineer who accompanied us, made many friends (and worked very hard) by repairing a lot of malfunctioning hospital equipment.

- And our we made our first trip to Suai, around 140 kilometres southwest of Dili.

We'll be back in June to do it all again.

Your support allows us to take the next step for each of our patients....the actual surgery that saves lives.

Thank you all.

– Dr Noel Bayley, honorary medical adviser

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