Baths 2 Baths swim update: a message from our CEO

**A message from our CEO**

I’d like to commend the courage of our volunteer Paul Hoffman, who last night set out on an incredible 60km solo open water swim to help us to provide life saving heart surgery.

Unfortunately, around 11pm last night, around five hours into the swim, Paul re-injured his shoulder, which he damaged in last year’s attempt at this swim. Paul was unable to continue.

Paul put in six months of training to prepare for the swim, on top of six months of physiotherapy and rehabilitation for his injured arm and shoulder. While the swim has not ended the way any of us had hoped, we are still incredibly grateful to Paul for putting his body on the line to support our cause.

Paul’s swim is over but his ambition of raising $10,000 to provide life-saving heart surgery for a young person from Timor-Leste can still be realised. We’re hoping our friends will boost Paul’s spirits in the most tangible way possible, by donating.

All of us in the East Timor Hearts Fund family wish Paul a speedy recovery.

I would also like to sincerely thank all of the volunteers who assisted the swim, and our generous sponsors, and Brighton Baths Health Club.

- Stuart Thomson, CEO

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