Rosalina on the mend

We have some great news to share – our patient Rosalina is making an excellent recovery at Prince of Wales Private Hospital in Sydney, following her mitral balloon procedure at Eastern Heart Clinic yesterday.

The high-tech procedure involves inserting a tiny balloon via a catheter into the faulty heart valve to expand it.

Dr Simon Eggleton, from our volunteer medical team, performed an ultrasound this morning to check Rosalina’s progress and has confirmed that she is doing well.

Rosalina is likely to be out of hospital today, and will be able to return home to her family, including baby Alisia, next week.

A huge thanks to Dr Simon, and Professor Roger Allan, who performed the procedure, and also our partners Eastern Heart Clinic and Prince of Wales Private Hospital.

There are many more patients like Rosalina who need our help, so if you would like to make a pre-end of financial year donation you can do so here.

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