For the record - we're so grateful to our admin volunteers

An update from Timor-Leste,  from our honorary medical adviser Dr Noel Bayley

Hello from Dili,

Today the team is looking forward to the fifth and final day of this clinical trip.

Yesterday we were at Guido Valadares National Hospital, where we worked in cooperation with the local paediatricians and cardiologist Dr Andre Monteiro. My colleague, paediatric cardiologist Dr Ari Horton, was again kept busy seeing children with complex congenital disease.

While I mostly talk about the medical aspects of our work in these missives, I'd like to highlight something a bit different – our volunteer clinic admin team.

Administrator Nick Mock and cardiac nurse Charis Brown have been running the "front of house" during this visit. This involves meeting patients and their families, securing the necessary personal details and creating a medical record. All of these tasks are crucial to having accurate, and retrievable, clinical information.

A great deal of work has gone into creating a purpose-built database tailored to meet the clinic’s needs.

We've now reached the point where the medicos simply enter the patient’s ID into an iPad, and all prior examinations, procedures and plans for future treatment are at our fingertips. The system works rather better than at any of the hospitals I've worked at over the years.

The doctors, and the patients, owe a huge debt of gratitude to Nicki, Charis, and our entire clinic administrative team.

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