Meliana's seven great reasons to strive for health

We’re hugely excited to let you know that our patient Meliana is making a great recovery from this week’s heart procedure. Meliana (pictured here with interventional cardiologist Dr Will Wilson) has now been discharged from Royal Melbourne Hospital, and if her recovery continues to go well, will soon be returning to sunny Timor-Leste. Meliana has many reasons to strive for good health – her seven children (aged between two and 13) and her ambition to return to university studies amongst them. Meliana told us: “I want to say thank you very much to the doctors, donors and everyone else who has helped me.” We’re also hugely grateful to Dr Wilson and all of the nursing and medical colleagues at Royal Melbourne Hospital who have contributed to this outstanding result for Meliana. Thank you for your support; together we are mending broken hearts.

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