Goat tracks, comradeship and an awe-inspiring sunrise - the Trans-Timor Trek

Vertical climbing, goat tracks, Timorese comradeship and an awe-inspiring mountaintop sunrise. Our board chair Ingrid Svendsen has just returned from the gruelling 170km inaugural Earth Trails Trans-Timor Trek. In the first four days alone, the 11 trekkers, carrying full packs, climbed 5000 metres in elevation. Ingrid’s verdict: “The toughest hiking I could conceive of.” Check out her video – Ingrid says it won’t win any academy awards for production values, but she hopes it will inspire you.

The trek is so close to its goal of raising $20,000 to provide life-saving heart surgery for a patient. Please pop across to Ingrid’s fundraising page to donate.


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