Bulldogs champion Lin Jong pays a visit

Our patient Filomeno, who is recovering well after heart tumour surgery at Royal Melbourne Hospital last Friday, had a very special visitor today, our ambassador, Western Bulldogs champion Lin Jong. 

Filomeno is one half of our first ever “dad and son double” – a year ago we gave his 13-year-old son Paulo life-saving surgery in Australia, and when a routine check-up with our volunteer medical team revealed Filomeno’s tumour, we were delighted to be able to help him as well.

"There are no amount of words for me to express the extreme gratitude I have in my new healthy heart,” Filomeno told us.

“May God richly bless you and protect you so that you can continue to save more lives in my dear homeland Timor-Leste." 

Your tax deductible donation will allow us to mend another broken heart.


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