'You saved my husband and my son'

Dad of six Filomeno continues to make a great recovery after his heart tumour operation last week. His family back home (including 14 year old Paulo, who last year also had heart surgery in Australia) are counting down the days until his return.

Filomeno’s wife Regina asked us to pass on thanks to all of the supporters who made surgery possible for her husband.

"I thank you not only for myself but on behalf of our six children and our extended family and our many friends. The gratitude we feel today will remain with us for the rest of our lives,” Regina told us.

“We don't have anything to pay back but our family will always pray to God to give you all good health and strength so that you can continue to do the wonderful work that you are doing in saving Timorese lives.

“You did not only save my husband's life but, you did also save my son Paulo and many other Timorese lives as well.

“God Bless you all. Obrigada barak!"

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Photo credit: Hugh Miley

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