Heart health checks take place in the town of Gleno.

Today our volunteer medical team travelled an hour out of Dili to the small town of Gleno to work with local health professionals to perform heart health checks on local adults and children.


Despite the power at the clinic going off a few times throughout the day, Dr. Noel Bayley said the team made their way through the setback and were able to screen a record 350 people.


“We saw a very large number of patients and it was by a very long margin the busiest clinic we’ve ever done,” he said.


Outreach clinics in the districts of Timor-Leste are an important part of our work. They allow us to see people who find it difficult to get into the city, as well as assist local health professionals to learn extra knowledge and skills so they can continue to care for their community.



Dr. Ari Horton said the clinics are a good way to promote ongoing health knowledge for families.


“From an educational standpoint, we use every opportunity to expand the knowledge and experience of local staff and individuals and families’ understanding of their own bodies and illness perspectives so that for the rest of their lives they’re better able to understand their bodies and look after themselves and seek help when they need to.”




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