Operation GoodHearts commences!

Medical teams from East Timor Hearts Fund performed miracle heart surgery today in Dili as Operation GoodHearts commenced. The team are working alongside local staff at Hospital Nacional Guido Valadares this week as they perform high-tech keyhole surgery on up to 15 children.


“Everything went well for the day. There were two patients…one was a three-year-old and the other was about eight months old. They’ve both gone well, both are looking good,” said Surgical Mission Leader Dr Andrew Cochrane.


Parents and family of the young patients were extremely thankful to the team after the surgery.


One dad spoke to us about his gratitude for the surgery: “I am very happy for the success of the operation. It’s good for the future.”


Performing surgery here in Dili is an important part of our work, as it brings to fruition all of the work that’s been completed over the years to treat more local people in their home country.


“We’re once again able to provide intervention locally for patients so that they are able to be treated at home. It’s a fantastic feeling,” said Dr. Ari Horton.


Stay tuned to follow our journey throughout the week as Operation GoodHearts continues and aims to treat more patients in one week than would normally be treated in one year.



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