The importance of pre-and post surgical care.

Pre and post operation care is an important part of the surgical process.


Siok, a Clinical Nurse for Pre and Post Op has been working hard during Operation GoodHearts to make sure each patient’s journey is successful both before and after their operation.


There are three major steps that Siok needs to focus on. Firstly, Siok meets the parents. Assisting surgeons, cardiologists and anaesthetists, Siok uses her language skills, including Bahasa to contribute to the discussion to the parents and explain how everything will work.


She then helps the medical team set up equipment before the surgery, ensuring everything including medical instruments are set up properly.  


Post-operation is where Siok takes on the caring part of her role.


“It’s my responsibility in making sure when the team brings out the patient to recovery to continue the child’s care and make sure the parents are communicated to."


“By the time they see are in recovery they have seen me in three parts of the journey already. I also work with local staff and make sure ABCD (airway, breathing, circulation and drugs/disability/or any danger) is used," she says. 


When children start playing, Siok knows this is a sign they are getting better.


“The last thing for me to make sure of before I leave is that they know their outpatient appointment and their follow up appointment with a doctor here in Dili.”

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    isack Lissu (Tuesday, 18 December 2018 08:56)

    good text,but how hope language is important during surgery