Aspect Skin Care - beautiful friends to have!

Our beautiful friends Aspect Skin Care are once again joining us as Gold Partner of our Team Mending Broken Hearts at Run Melbourne! Thanks Aspect - we ❤️having your support!

Please read Aspect's message below.

All the info you need to join in the fun and help us raise $20,000 to mend a broken heart is on our website.


A message from our Gold Sponsor Aspect Skin Care

"This is the third time that Aspect has partnered to support East Timor Hearts Fund at Run Melbourne and we are thrilled to be involved again. Two years ago the Aspect team had the pleasure of meeting patient Melinda, who returned to Australia to run.

It was very moving to see living proof of the difference that East Timor Hearts Fund makes. I'm looking forward to completing the event again with Team Mending Broken Hearts, and hope to see you there too."

Heather Harrison, managing director, Advanced Skin Technology/Aspect Skin Care

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